$425.00 Pig tour 1

Swimming with pigs

Come take an exciting ride on a speedboat from 38ft to 55ft in length(depending on the number of people)

$6,000.00 Atlantiscat

Mini cruise For a Day tour

Come ride on a luxurious yacht to another island and enjoy the fresh sea breezes.

$300.00 lonetreeharbourisland

Visit Pink Sands Beach

Take a Trip to the first Capital of the Bahamas, the island of the pink sands Beach.


Roots, Rhythm and Rock

Tastes, sights and the overall rhythm of the Island is felt throughout the tour.


Island to Island on a Powerboat

Travel for an hour on a 40ft or 60ft speed boat to one of our neighbouring islands. Enjoy the sights, sounds.


Explore the Real Nassau

Get Bahamianized with our combination of History and Authentic Bahamian tasters over a 2 – 4 hour period.